Rainbow Station was previously owned and operated by Lone Star Farms Ltd, the Cropp Family Trust took over the lease in 2016. Rainbow Station now adds to Managing Director, Philip Cropp’s already vast and humbly successful businesses that all share the same morals and are strongly focused on health and preservation in various parts of the South Island of New Zealand.

Who we are

The Cropp family began this venture back in the 1800’s when Philip’s grandfather started producing honey from hives at Rainbow Station and the St Arnaud area. Philip grew up inspired by what the land of New Zealand could offer and with that inspiration and business savvy attitude he created Nelson Honey & Marketing (NZ) Ltd in 1976, based in Motupiko at his family’s original home that both he and his children grew up in, after realising the potential for high quality honeys, Philip began expanding the range offered and went further into nutrition and the now widely famous Royal Nectar skincare range was developed.

Philip remains very close to his roots, so when the opportunity to take over the Pastoral Lease of Rainbow Station arose, the Cropp family was immediately interested in preserving this part of New Zealand that is very close to their family’s heritage.

Nature defines who and what we are, and no more so for any other nation than New Zealand, Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud.
— Al Morrison