If you are planning on using this route, we have some useful information that will help you plan your trip to ensure you can get the most from this authentic Kiwi experience.

  • The formed roads and tracks have not been specifically engineered and are not maintained to meet standards for public access. This means that parts of the road can be hazardous and occasionally we will not be able to signpost or mark all the hazards individually. So we urge that the utmost care is taken when travelling through the road, pay particular attention to narrowing roads, blind corners and ensure you always pull over when it is safe to do so being cautious that your vehicle is entirely off the road to allow others to pass.

  • As Rainbow Station is surrounded by a backdrop of mountain ranges, as beautiful as these are, they also mean that the weather can change very suddenly and without warning. Strong winds, heavy rain and flooding of the river can occur very quickly. It is important to check the weather forecast for your intended date of travel to ensure you get to experience the best that Rainbow Station has to offer. Check the weather here.

  • There is no mobile phone coverage and breakdown services may not operate in a private area. While not having mobile phone coverage might be considered a good thing, it also means that it can be difficult to get assistance should you need it. Be sure to make the necessary arrangements prior to travelling. We recommend to bring a first-aid kit, plenty of drinking water, a spare tyre and to ensure your tyre pressure is correct.

  • We recommend the use of High-Clearance 4WD vehicles only. If you have any questions in regards to whether your vehicle may be suitable please contact us. We can provide advice based on current road conditions, however all travel is taken at your own risk, be sure to check that your Insurance covers you.

  • Your journey will take approximately 3 hours from St Arnaud to Hamner and the same going back.

  • We love dogs! But unfortunately our stock doesn’t feel the same way. The floors of the Wairau, Rainbow and Paske Valley are farmed so please leave your dogs and any other furry friends at home! If, like us, you do love your furry companions ensure they remain in the vehicle at all times and are restrained so they do not upset our stock and be sure to get approval first.

  • Leave gates as you find them!

  • Please respect our Stock, Property including our bee’s and other road users. Rainbow Station is not a public area and any use to the public is a revocable privilege granted by the Leaseholder.

Most importantly enjoy your trip and share your experience with us by tagging @RainbowStationNZ on Instagram and Facebook.